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How has the Internet been working for you?

We help people use the Internet to gain customers and make more money. We design cutting-edge mobile responsive websites as well as teach business owners and managers how to develop a cost-effective Internet presence (not just a website). Simply put, we provide RETURN ON INVESTMENT. Call us at 864-977-1537 if you have any questions and thanks for visiting!

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Got Leads?

The Internet can be a great source of new customer leads or it can be a waste of money. Over 80% of all traffic comes through search engines. The goal is simple - Get found, by people typing words into a box on a screen, looking for your product or service. Are they finding you? We can help you develop a dominant web presence in your market.
More leads = more sales!

Mobile Responsive?

The majority of Internet users are now surfing on mobile devices. Google now rewards sites for being mobile responsive. All KCG websites are mobile responsive so you'll look great on an iPhone, iPad, Android or anything else. We are experts in responsive design. Don't get punished by search engines because your site isn't mobile responsive.

Want more LOCAL customers?

You've come to the right place. We are experts in local optimization and use powerful software that monitors your entire web presence. This allows you to stay ahead of the competition. While competitors are struggling with the sea of directories out there, you can stay focused on doing your job! With the trend of Internet users going more mobile, local search holds a gateway to your customers of the present and future. We make it easy for you.